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 Holiday Greeting WTB 2023

 -Public Notice Boundary Alteration -here


Due to COVID-19, there is no in person access to the village office.  Please contact the office by phone, mail or email (Monday through Thursday).  Payments or documents may be dropped in the mailbox at the village address.  All Council meetings will be held electronically.  Should you wish to attend, please email the office providing your contact information in advance of the meeting (2 business days).

Recycling Program - The Playground committee welcomes donations of recyclables.  Bins are ready for your bottles and cans.  Remember that caps and lids should be removed before dropping your donation.  Volunteers are required as well--contact the office for details. 


Boat Launch- Keys for ratepayers are available by contacting the office for pickup.  General public access please email the office for complete details.  


FIRE WORKS - Effective June 23, 2018, permission is required from the municipal office to display fireworks on your property.  Please call or email the office with your time, location and precautionary measures and permission will be provided by the administrator. 


- Procurement Notice - here 

- Fee Schedule - here



Please be advised that the Resort Village of Wee Too Beach has again engaged the services of the Commissionaires South Saskatchewan (CSS) to enforce the bylaws for the village.  The commissionaires will be in uniform and will be driving vehicles with the CSS logo.  These commissionaires have the authority to enforce the bylaws and will for the first while be taking an educational presence providing opportunities for compliance with the bylaws.  Failure to comply could result in further action being taken including an Order to Remedy, fines and/or compliance completed by the Village with costs being charged to the offender.  Please understand that the commissionaires have been contracted to serve all residents of the village and we ask that you respect them and the job they are doing. 


2020 financial synopsis  - For a copy of the full financial report, please contact the office.  

Asset Management Plans have been posted here for information purposes.  These documents are long term plans have been developed to manage the village's infrastructure while ensuring that assets meet the expectations for the level of service for the village's goals for the future.  If you have questions about these plans, please contact the village office.  Infrastructure/Buildings     Equipment/Vehicles