Building / Development Permits

Permits are required for the following:


A development permit is required for building or excavating that affect the use of any building or land. This includes additions, new construction, excavations, etc. Should you be unsure if a permit is required, please contact the officeDevelopment Permit Application


A building permit application must be completed for any construction making structural changes to a building or for new construction. A building permit would also be required for items such as: developing a basement, building a garage or boathouse and sheds over 100 sq. ft. All building plans are reviewed and construction is inspected by Professional Building Inspections to ensure that your building is safe and meets all building codes.  Access to PBI forms here.  Information on the new Energy Code and forms are available here.  All PBI required forms must be included with the village's Building Permit Application


A demolition permit is required for the removal of improvements from your property. There is no charge for the permit and it is to your benefit to have the building removed from your tax assessment and thus reduce your tax bill. Any and all demolition materials must be removed from the municipality and disposed of in an approved landfill.  Demolition Permit Application

Still unsure if you need a permit, please contact the municipal office.